This web site is created and maintained by practitioners of the Self Help approach in various countries of Africa and Asia. It is a forum where case studies are presented, experiences exchanged, relevant & appropriate information posted such that all who believe in the “release” of the tremendous, God given, potential in every human being irrespective of gender, ethnicity, caste, creed, age etc can benefit from the available resources. The process is supported by Kindernothilfe.
Kindernothilfe or KNH as it is fondly known is a child care organisation, founded in 1959 at Duisburg, Germany. Today it supports more than 200.000 children in 27 countries of Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. The German word Kindernothilfe means “help for children in need”.

For Kindernothilfe and their project partners, the needs of children and youth are the main focus. They however believe that “Development”, which is sustainable does not come from outside but is based on abilities and possibilities of the target group. Some of the principles enshrined in their community development programmes are:

    • Communities are the main players – mobilize and facilitate them to analyze their problems, plan activities, implement and evaluate the activities
    • Communities should achieve adequate living conditions through own efforts in sustainable
    • Change – Development – Empowerment comes through community initiatives, by self help and mutual help
    • Participation of women in the needs assessment is crucial
    • Success not measured by material output
    • Indicator – change in people’s motivation, skills and social relationship
    • The process leads to social, economic and political empowerment


The whole approach is a “Bottom-up” approach as opposed to normal programmes that are designed in board rooms and by outsiders.