Members often meet for the weekly meeting in one of their homes. A meeting about to start.This group in Ethiopia regularly meets under a tree, sometimes even when there is a drizzle

A training programme for Community Facilitators in Sustainable Agriculture at South Africa .This woman and her child are happy to show their newly acquired chicken. The large pancake is Injera made from Teff. This is a staple food in Ethiopia. It is also a profitable Income Generating Activity

This group in Ethiopia meets under the open sky right in the middle of their community.Some members in this urban slum try to grow vegetables in sacks and creepers between their houses. Vast hillside expanses of Emabhelene in KwaZulu Natal. Several SHG members walk across these hills to attend their weekly meetings

Participants at the first SHG training in the Philippines – July 2007. The first Forum meeting at Davao, Philippines – November 2007. PRA – Social mapping at Negros Occidental

Participants at SHG training in Mindanao, Philippines . Expectations of participants at SHG training. Posing for a photo after a transect walk along the Beach at Batangas

A SHG meeting in progress in the <br /> Philippines. SHG meeting in progress in a dump-site in the Outskirts of metro Manila